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Google Accessibility Update – Live Blog Post 2 – Introductions and Scope

Getting started now. TV Raman introduced himself and is giving a brief overview of the session today. Who’s here?

Alan Warren: VP, engineering
TV Raman, Lead, Google Accessibility

Some of the things that’ll be talked about today:

  • ChromeOS
  • Drive
  • Docs Suite
  • Gmail
  • What Google is doing in the field of accessibility, including all aspects of the Google platform including Chrome and Android.

Head of docs division is here, will discuss where accessibility fits in

AM: Chrome OS, Apps
Afternoon: Android platform will be discussed after lunch.

Alan touched on how Google Apps were developed as very simple tools to begin with, and how accessibility support was a bit spotty to begin with. However, it’s now a key focus. He mentioned how this is built into their testing coverage now.

TV Raman talked a bit about the “broad scope” of things – how Google’s apps are a platform accessed via a web browser. As such, mobile is important part of their strategy (Android). Google is know for innovating in the web space, but the key question is: who does innovation for blind users? As we innovate for sighted users, we will innovate for blind users as well.

A lot of work is being put into the Chrome OS (because it’s viewed as a platform) to provide additional support for blind users. The only way to make accessibility better is to make it simplify it at every level. Raman believes that we can reach accessibility with THIS generation of web technology.

“Every user is different, and we need to build a customizable interface that works for everyone.”

Getting a lot of high-level discussion right now to orient for the day. There seems to be a lot of focus on blind users here.

Accessibility Technology

Google Accessibility Update – Live Blog Post 1 – Getting Started

It’s my first dat at #CSUN13, and I’m glad that I arrived early. I’m sitting in the back of the “FORD A” room, because that’s the only place I can find an open power outlet. My 17-inch MacBook Pro chews through the battery if I keep the screen too bright. I must remember to bring a power strip next time to make more friends 🙂 The presentation room Google is in is a bit smaller than I expected, and I’ve been told that it’ll be standing room only. Seeing as Google has at least 10 people in the room right now, I think that’s an accurate statement.

It’s an all-day session, so I expect to post a lot of (hopefully useful) tidbits here. Did I mention this is my first attempt at a live blog? You’ll have to excuse any typos, poor grammar, or bad language. I tend to write what I’m thinking at the time.

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