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Evaluating the Accessibility of your Website: New Resources and Tools

Presenters:  Shadi Abou-Zahra and Eric Eggert from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

This was my second session at the CSUN conference on Friday, March 6.  Full disclosure:  I’ve had some involvement with these projects via the W3C’s WAI-EOWG group.

Overview of New Resources and Tools

  • WAI Eval Resources
  • WCAG-EM Report Tool
  • Eval Tools List
  • Eval Tool Features
  • auto-wcag Community Group

WAI Evaluation Resources

  • “Easy Checks” provides tips for anyone on how to analyze web pages for accessibility.  Shows simple ways to use browser toolbars.
  • “BAD” (Before After Demo) will show common errors and how to fix them in a web page that’s horribly inaccessible.
  • Involving Users in Evaluating Web Accessibility
  • WCAG-EM Report Tool is a guidance tool that is non-normative.  It is just one way that you can use to evaluate the accessibility of your web pages.  Shadi walked through the WCAG-EM Report tool to show how it works…it’s very useful for folks who are doing web site accessibility audits.
  • Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List provides a filterable list of tools (paid, free, and open-source) that are available to help you evaluate web accessibility.  Vendors and developers can add their tools to this list.
  • Developers’ Guide to Features of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools helpful to folks who are planning to procure software for web site evaluation
  • auto-wcag Community Group is a new way for anyone to come together to put together test cases for tool developers to validate their tools work.  You don’t have to pay to be a W3C member…it’s totally free to join this community.



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