3 Minutes of Fame Presentations

Presenters:  representatives from participating Kurogo Institutions (each listed below)

This section of the conference was to provide participating institutions a platform for talking about what they’re doing.

Matt Willmore from Notre Dame

  • Launched with 15 modules in April of 2014
  • 3 new ones:  transit, campus IT, mobile printing
  • Promoted at orientation
  • Evolving maps:  custom map icons, which came from Indiana State University (like ATMs)
  • Google Analytics
  • Student developers built the weather web cams and transit modules
  • Shuttle schedule
  • Popular features:  dining, map, athletics, webcams, photos.
  • Platforms:  iOS/Android native; mobile web; mobile tablet; desktop
  • What’s next?  Sakai

Paul Chenowith from Belmont University


  • Liberal arts institution in Nashville, TN
  • 7,200 students, music, health science, law school, and more
  • We’ve launched 2 apps in the last few months:  Modo for external, non-authenticated use
  • Tours and emergency notifications were big features for us, we also use convocations; myBelmont is a link to our authenticated services.
  • The directory is one our most-used features
  • Popular features:  Directory, Convo Events, Library, Course Search, myBelmont
  • Platforms:  iPhone native, Android native
  • What’s next?  Dining services (Sodhexo, we hope to do 2 upgrades per year, policies and procedures for management of overwhelming number of requests for new functionality)

Dan Liggett from CSU East Bay


  • Released in March 2015
  • What’s next:  grades (which we think will be our “killer app”), facilities, transit
  • Platforms:  mobile web, mobile web tablet, desktop

Kathryn Sharron from CSUN


  • Reputation and Visibility initiative just launched; new logo
  • About 58,000 students
  • Accessibility very important for us
  • Launched in August 2013 with 5 modules including enrollment
  • SoMe, photos, tour, additions feature for faculty/staff view, indoor maps, transit
  • Enrollment in classes is most popular module, and is easier to use than our PeopleSoft portal.
  • We allow students to pay, via a custom PeopleSoft web service to CashNet (which itself provides a mobile responsive view)
  • Top 4:  enroll in classes, map, dining

David from Colgate


  • GPS bus system, which we named “Colgate Cruiser” and worked with company called DoubleMap
  • Publisher is very popular (i.e. SPW or Spring Party Weekend, 13 days of Green were new modules which made quick updates by students very easy)
  • We have portal sign-on for our Banner system
  • Popular:  Cruiser, SPW, 13 days of green, courses, dining
  • Platforms:  iPhone native, Android native, mobile web, desktop
  • What’s next?  beefing up the infrastructure to handle bursts of heavy traffic.

Dan from Dallas County Community College District

  • About 80,000 students
  • We used to use Blackboard, which had a number of limitations that caused us to reevaluate our mobile platform choice
  • We had four IT people who Modo Labs basically spoon-fed us during the implementation
  • Most of the challenges were around how we would modify the app to support 7 different campuses (i.e. branding)
  • Student involvement has been a great experience for us
  • Popular:  Courses, Maps, eCampus, eConnect, myPortal
  • Platforms

Julie from Fitchburg State University

    • We’re located in Massachusetts
    • Been using for about 3 years, and it’s a great tool to aggregate information from many different sources (we don’t have a portal)
    • Adding more features as they become available.  Most recent one is courses, which is integrated with Blackboard.  we launched this last week.
    • What’s New:  laundry!  Integrating with LaundryView feed.  Student can select laundry facilities; it shows machine availability and cycle it’s on.
    • Popular:  Shuttles, admissions, athletics, tour, dining
    • Platforms:  Mobile web, mobile web tablet, desktop

Jeff Dillon from CSU Sacramento State

  • Using since 2012 (originally the free framework)
  • 28,000 total students
  • We have registrar module, which is by far the most-used module
  • 10,000 downloads total, 3,000 in first week; 75% iOS, 25% Android
  • Directory is very popular
  • We’re using Blackboard mobile learn
  • Dining / athletics are just links to mobile-aware sites
  • We’re still working on the governance
  • The registrar told us that our students really like the ability to see where the class is
  • We expected support issues with performance, but it worked out
  • Popular:  registrar, calendar, social, directory, campus map
  • Platforms:  iPhone native, Android native, mobile web
  • What’s next:  parking availability, role-based content, CashNet payment integration

Michelle from West Chester, Pennsylvania

    • 16,000 students, new branch campus in Philadelphia
    • Recently made our web site responsive
    • About 1,000 views / day
    • Integrating D2L (Desire to Learn) module, 25Live calendar module
    • Popular:  email, buses, directory, academic calendar, news
    • Platforms:  iOS, Android, mobile web, mobile web tablet, desktop
    • What’s next:  RSS feed integration



Bob from Modo Labs, schools not represented at the conference

      • New tools from Modo coming soon:  customer portal UI, forums, FAQs
      • College of William and Mary:  springboards
      • Harvard Shoestring Strategies:  financial literacy module.  It’s all put together with Publisher.
      • Villanova School of Business:  publisher-based application with templates and push notifications.
      • Barnard College:  publisher
      • Emerson College:  uses portlets as home screen, which allows them to completely customize the view; they also use resource availability module to show their library’s computer lab availability.
      • Masdar Institute:  UAE-based college, uses facilities module.  It uses authentication to present personalized information.
      • Rhode Island School of Design:  one of the top design schools in the country.  They independently theme every single thing they do, which reflects the flexibility of the Kurogo platform.
      • Sacramento State:  launching 2.3 soon, with favoriting feature and maps.



By Paul Schantz

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