2015 Kurogo Conference Mega Post

This post is the culmination of all the live blog posts I made at the 2015 Kurogo Higher Education Conference…a practice I have that I like to call a “MEGA POST.”  Like any other conference I attend, I make it a point to document the sessions I attend.  This keeps me engaged at all times (often difficult in post-lunch sessions), gives me notes I can refer to later on, and provides a source of information for others who could not attend.

If there’s anything I took away from this conference, it’s that higher education institutions have EXACTLY the same kinds of needs.  The differences between solutions are simply variations on a theme.  Whether it’s transactions like course selection and tuition payments, MarCom needs like campus tours and micro sites for alums, or student life needs like safety escorts, the needs are the same.  Only the implementations differ.  What differentiates the Kurogo platform is that it’s open source, and campuses are actively contributing to it.  A great example of this is was Matt Willmore’s announcement of Notre Dame’s contribution of several open-source modules to the Kurogo community (see my post on Student/Citizen Development with the Kurogo Platform below).  This is a welcome gift to the community, and should be encouraged.  By the way, Notre Dame was a wonderful host…thanks Matt!

With that, here’s my list of posts.  I hope you find them useful.

Monday, April 27

Tuesday, April 28


By Paul Schantz

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