The Kurogo 2016 Mega Post

Hello superfans!

Once again, here’s my Kurogo conference mega post.  My notes are perhaps not quite as detailed as last year, due to my involvement in organizing the venue this year.  If you’ve never helped to organize a multi-day event like this, believe me the devil is COMPLETELY in the details 🙂  As always, any errors, omissions or inaccuracies are all mine.  If there’s anything you see you’d like me to update / edit, please hit me up via twitter @paulschantz.  I hope you find my notes helpful!

Thursday, March 24

Wednesday, March 23

Tuesday, March 22


By Paul Schantz

CSUN Director of Web & Technology Services, Student Affairs. husband, father, gamer, part time aviator, fitness enthusiast, Apple fan, and iguana wrangler.

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