Turning Big Data Analytics into Personal Student Data

Title:  Turning Big Data Analytics into Personal Student Data


  • Shah Ardalan, President, Lone Star College System
  • Christina Robinson Grochett, Chief Strategist – Innovation & Research, Lone Star College System


SLIDE:  The Challenge

  • Why is our educational ranking getting worse as technology becomes faster and bigger
  • Why is the US GDP still hanging around 2.0
  • Why is the unemployment rate not reduced to an acceptable level?
  • Whay are there 4 million unfilled jobs in the U.S?


SLIDE:  The Buzz

  • Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • SaaS
  • BYOD
  • Big Data


Assumption is that big data can solve our big problems


The DOE MyData Button

In October 2012, the DoE announced they will add a “MyData” download button to allow students  to download their own data into a simple, machine-readable file that they could share at their own discretion, with 3rd parties that develop helpful consumer tools.


The Solution:  

What it is:

The Technical Spec

  • HEY, QUICK QUESTIONS:  do students get hired off data?  NO
  • …analytics  NO
  • …reports  NO
  • documents:  YES  (transxripts, diplomas, resumes, etc.)


Education and Career Positioning System, MyEdu Vault

Self Assessment:  values, interests, skills, personality type.  Shows jobs available.


WOW, this is a lot like the Pathways tool my team built:



Is this available for anyone?  Yes.  It’s available for $50 / year by the student, not the institution.


By Paul Schantz

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