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As part of my normal conference coverage, I publish a post of posts, which I call a “MEGA POST.”  It’s my attempt to capture all the different sessions I attended.  The 2015 EDUCAUSE annual conference in Indianapolis had so many great sessions, I often found it difficult to pick one over another.  The increased use of data to drive campus decision-making was a hot topic at the conference this year.

I do my best to capture the content of ever session, but I am human…any errata, misstatements or omissions are totally mine.  I hope you find some benefit from my conference experience.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27

  1. EDUCAUSE 2015!
  2. Building an Emerging Technology and Futures Capacity in Your Organization
  3. Cloud 101:  Tools and Strategies for Evaluating Cloud Services

Wednesday, October 28

  1. KEYNOTE:  The Cascade Effect:  How Small Wins Can Transform Your Organization
  2. A View from the Top: Taking the Mobile Experience to New Heights
  3. The Science of Predictive Analytics in Education
  4. Opening Up Learning Analytics:  Addressing a Strategic Imperative

Thursday, October 29

  1. The 2015 Campus Computing Survey
  2. Web Portals
  3. KEYNOTE:  The Second Machine Age:  Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies
  4. Optimizing Business Intelligence at Lehman College/CUNY:  A Road to Change
  5. Predictive Learning Analytics:  Fueling Actionable Intelligence
  6. Unifying Data Systems to Turn Insights into Student Success Interventions

Friday, October 30

  1. How to Use the EDUCAUSE CDS to support Student Success
  2. Progress on Using Adaptive Learning Technology for Student College Success
  3. KEYNOTE:  If You Build It:  The Power of Design to Change the World

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