Advanced Communications and Messaging in your Mobile Application


  • Marshall Vale, Modo Labs

Modo Messaging turns your app into a powerful communication platform. Learn how you can drive engagement with messages to specific groups of users across multiple delivery channels.

What’s Going On In Mobile Engagement?

  • In 2015, enabling push messages lead to 3x more app launches
  • User retention is also 3x with push notifications than those who disable push
  • On average, engagement for push enable users is 88% higher

What Have You Asked For?

  • A way to see prior pushes
  • Way to send to individuals & groups
  • Want to delegate access
  • Improved metrics

Introduced Cloud Messaging

  • Major enhancement to our messaging capabilities
  • New GUI admin
  • New message center in the app to see prior push msgs and details
  • Approval process for message sending
  • New advanced targeting capabilities that can be added to your messaging package:  create personal channels with restricted audience lists to facilitate delegation

Let’s Send a Message!

  • Marshall gave a live demo of the cloud messaging tool to schedule sending a message to conference attendees

Messages vs Notifications

  • Base element in the system is a message
  • A message may have one or more notifications
  • Notification types include push, SMS, etc.


  • Enables other people on campus to leverage messaging model of mobile apps
  • Campus app becomes critical communications mechanism due to students’ behavior change away from email
  • Public (locations, personas)
  • Personal (overdue tuition, class of 1986, commuters)
  • Extends a variety of governance models to the whole campus (central approval, departmental approval, can roll out over time)


  • An institution will have a single organizational entry
  • Roles:  admin, editor, approver
  • Channels:  can segregate types of communications; filter messaging to different groups.

Personal Message

  • How do we connect a user to a device?  With authenticated users!  A single authenticated user may have multiple device identifies associated (iPhone, iPad, laptop)
  • Attributes are flat, no schema, and entirely definable by the organization.

Message Center

  • New place to see a list of all messages that have been received
  • Coming soon:  geo-targeting of devices (people at a football game); subscription channels (social activity groups); SMS notification mechanism

Available:  June 2016

By Paul Schantz

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