Creating Feature-Rich Mobile Experiences with Kurogo Publisher and the Collage Screen Type


  • Eric Kim, Modo Labs

Using Kurogo Publisher and the Collage screen type, create beautiful feature-rich mobile experiences that incorporate live external web pages, web applications, data feeds, tables and much more.

What is Publisher?

  • Browser-based CMS for creating & updating screens in the Kurogo Mobile application

What’s New?

  • There are now thumbnails available to allow you to easily select a template to use
  • Screen Editor shows you which screens
  • Improved main screen editing and the editing panel itself
  • Lots of UI cleanup
  • Visibility scoping:  you can create a navigational structure that’s more nuanced whether it would be viewed within a mobile-responsive view or within the native application only
  • Custom CSS within collage screen type, scoped at a block-level (with selector classes and DOM selectors); also supports media queries
  • New styling options for Spectra

Collage is the Biggest New Addition

  • Philosophically a new way of building buckets of content and functionality within the framework
  • Specific look and feel for specific sections
  • No fixed positions or patterns
  • We’ve nearly doubled the number of block types available since Summer 2015 (too many to list in the slide, but including:  hero block, heading, text/html, feature box, Image & HD image, links, pull quote, Twitter post, video, carousel cards, External HTML, form, iFrame, Map (editable), Map (external data), slideshow, table (editable), etc.)


  • HTML 5 components (i.e. <aside>)
  • Media queries for pull quotes and a range of other elements
  • Ability to add maps, you define entirely within Publisher itself; you can also show a pin at the location, using our own icon, or you can upload your own pin icon.  You can pump an external map datasource into the widget itself.
  • Complete table editing section for tabular data, including summary, table heading, column headings, etc.
  • iFrame:  some folks were already doing this, but we decided to build this in as a native widget.  The iFrame can be sized as needed.
  • External web content:  a cURL-like request to pull information from an external URL and inject it into your screen.  Coming soon:  ability to use content provided by CMS’es that implement content-as-a-service.
  • Forms have the option of being collapsible content blocks (they can use external HTML blocks, blocks from inside Publisher, etc.)
  • Tables with external data:  can pull tabular data from (for example) Google Sheets, including graphs.
  • Kurogo Publisher Showcase (download the Kurogo Preview App and use the code “SHOWCASE”) was demonstrated to show what it can do.  The demo app has a button for each page that explains exactly how to build it.

We want you to experiment and have fun!  Collage gives non-technical people the ability to do creative things with little to no risk.

By Paul Schantz

CSUN Director of Web & Technology Services, Student Affairs. husband, father, gamer, part time aviator, fitness enthusiast, Apple fan, and iguana wrangler.

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