How the Industrial Internet Revolution is Shaping the Future of all Things

Presenter: Arthur Lobzinki, Oomnitza


  • A “Thing Management Organization”
  • We have about 20 people globally
  • Manage/track lots of stuff (mobile devices, servers, self-driving cars, etc.)
  • Lots of big-name companies

Internet of Things

  • Before the industrial revolution, it was typical for most people to have only two shirts, which seems ridiculous to us now.
  • Before the information revolution, it was typical for large clunky computers to be the
  • Computers are now built into everything


  • Cisco will spend $1.3 TRILLION on the IoT
  • SIM cards are going into everything – spits out data about the devices they’re installed in
  • GE wind turbines have 17 servers built into them!
  • LinkNYC: 400 public internet machines have been built which provide GB service, charging station, and advertising space
  • Uber is largest puchaser of 2nd hand iPhones; they have 20 self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.
  • Agriculture: supply chains, crop irrigation patterns, etc.
  • Mining: equipment/asset uptime. Just keeping things running is the number one most important thing for this industry.


  • Security! If everything is connected and and endpoint, it’s vulnerable.
  • 97% of all hacks are human error :-/ and directly connected to enterprise systems.
  • Employment: a lot of jobs will be replaced. What do you do with all the people? Fixing the machines.
  • The only real value in IoT that we’ve seen in the industrial realm is in keeping the machines up and running.

Lots to think about here!

By Paul Schantz

CSUN Director of Web & Technology Services, Student Affairs. husband, father, gamer, part time aviator, fitness enthusiast, Apple fan, and iguana wrangler.

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