How the Industrial Internet Revolution is Shaping the Future of all Things

Presenter: Arthur Lobzinki, Oomnitza


  • A “Thing Management Organization”
  • We have about 20 people globally
  • Manage/track lots of stuff (mobile devices, servers, self-driving cars, etc.)
  • Lots of big-name companies

Internet of Things

  • Before the industrial revolution, it was typical for most people to have only two shirts, which seems ridiculous to us now.
  • Before the information revolution, it was typical for large clunky computers to be the
  • Computers are now built into everything


  • Cisco will spend $1.3 TRILLION on the IoT
  • SIM cards are going into everything – spits out data about the devices they’re installed in
  • GE wind turbines have 17 servers built into them!
  • LinkNYC: 400 public internet machines have been built which provide GB service, charging station, and advertising space
  • Uber is largest puchaser of 2nd hand iPhones; they have 20 self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.
  • Agriculture: supply chains, crop irrigation patterns, etc.
  • Mining: equipment/asset uptime. Just keeping things running is the number one most important thing for this industry.


  • Security! If everything is connected and and endpoint, it’s vulnerable.
  • 97% of all hacks are human error :-/ and directly connected to enterprise systems.
  • Employment: a lot of jobs will be replaced. What do you do with all the people? Fixing the machines.
  • The only real value in IoT that we’ve seen in the industrial realm is in keeping the machines up and running.

Lots to think about here!